The mission of Black Expo America is to restore, revitalize and re-energize the African American, Caribbean and African business community through the promotion of entrepreneurship coupled with personal growth and business development.
Black Expo America organizers and supporters are committed to making a positive change. The expos are offered annually which offers African Americans, Caribbean Americans and African businesses an opportunity to showcase their products/services, expand clientele, establish partnerships as well as receive comprehensive training to assist them in the strengthening and expansion of their brands. All endeavors are inspired by the African-American, Caribbean and African community, and the goal is to uplift and empower so that the entire community can live their dreams.
Black Expo America is projected to grow at a rapid rate over the next 3 to 5 years. Each installment of our nationwide expos will be jam-packed with thousands of consumers, compelling business experts, published authors, motivational speakers, high-profile guests, and riveting entertainment the entire family can enjoy.
What initially originated as a means for promoting one business, we will transform into a quest to restore and revitalize the African Americans, Caribbean, and African economic community in the United States of America. We look forward to the opportunity to build a legacy with longevity and outstanding support.
We seek to encourage African American, Caribbean American, and African business owners to follow their dreams, whatever they may be; and to inspire the belief that the capacity for success and greatness lies within oneself. 
Join us in our efforts to revitalize and stimulate the Buy Black Empowerment Movement supported and organized by Black Expo America Inc.  The Black Expo America experience is coming to a city near you.