The first paragraph of Brittney Cooper’s Eloquent Rage lets us know she’s not playing with or scared of anyone:

"This is a book by a grown-a** women written for other grown-a** women. This is a book for women who expect to be taken seriously and for men who take grown women seriously. This is a book or women who know sh** is f***ed up. These women want to change things but don’t know where to begin."

The power and the urgency behind those words reminded me of the first time I met Brittney. In 2015, we were part of a panel at Harvard on race and the media (Panama Jackson and Kimberly Foster from For Harriet were also there). Within the first five minutes of the conversation, I wanted to get up and take a seat in the audience. That’s how long it took for me to realize that everything I planned to say and every point I’d try to make, Brittney could say better and more powerfully, and somehow more succinctly and more descriptively. #EverydayPeople#EverydayPeopleCelebratesWomensHistoryMonth

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